Recertification by Continuing Education

Why Recertify?

Unlike some organizations which offer automatic, lifetime certification, ACA offers you the opportunity to demonstrate continuing competency through recertification. Healthcare is constantly changing and you stay current with the latest technological and governmental changes by participating in continuing education activities. ACA recertification demonstrates to everyone that you are a serious professional interested in maintaining your level of expertise.

How do you know how much CE you need to recertify?

The ACA certification year is from July 1 to June 30. The amount of CE needed for the first recertification will vary depending on the date you first became certified. After the first recertification, you will need 12 hrs of CE every 2 years.

You are required to complete 0.5 continuing education hours per month since you became certified. One hour of continuing education credit equals one contact hour of credit. For example: If you have been certified for 18 months, you need 0.5 hours x 18 months or 9 continuing education credits.

One can also recertify by re-examination.

What type of activities qualify for credit?

A variety of professional and educational activities can earn the necessary credits needed to recertify. If you have any questions about whether an activity qualifies for credit, please contact ACA.

Approved CE programs:

  1. P.A.C.E., sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science.

  2. Programs provided by or approved by any national laboratory related professional organization and/or their constituent groups.

  3. Programs provided by government agencies.

  4. Programs provided by hospital/healthcare facility in-servicetraining.

College or university courses:

This may include science, computer science or management courses as well as any course related to healthcare. One semester credit = 15 contact hours and one-quarter credit = 10 contact hours.

Teaching activities:

The development and initial offering of any healthcare related course or workshop will provide 5 contact hours per one hour of lecture.

What type of documentation should you submit to ACA?

Official documents indicating participation in CE activities include:

The documentation must include the date(s) of attendance, title of the program and signature of the official issuing the document.