Exam Info

Examination Sites

Applicant will be notified as to the closest scheduled exam site. A goal of ACA is to provide certification opportunities to as many healthcare professionals as possible. Following established guidelines, your local healthcare facility may qualify for an examination site. Please call or write to request the qualifying guidelines.

Notification of Results

Exam results will be mailed only to the name requested on the certification within 4 weeks of the examination date. One certificate and identification card will be sent to each person passing an examination. A breakdown of the content questions will also be provided. The first recertification date is based on the date of successful exam.

There is a $10.00 replacement fee for a new certificate or new certification card.

Re-examination Requirements

You will be notified if a re-examination is necessary. A re-examination fee is required in the amount of one-half of the original fee. You may retake the examination two times within one year of the original testing date.